Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm SOOO Excited!!!

I JUST GOT TICKETS TO GEORGE STRAIT!!!  I have wanted to see George Strait for about 15 years now and I finally got tickets to see him at Cheyenne Frontier Days this July!!!  We almost got tickets to see him when he was in Lubbock and we were living in Texas but we didn't know about baby sitters and the tickets were outrageously priced at the time so we didn't go but now we finally are!  Boy, could I use anymore exclamation points in this post?  I can't help it though, my hands are still kind of shaking from the excitement and I am having a hard time typing.  To top it all of today is my 30th (gasp!) birthday today.  What a great day already and it is only 9:00 a.m.!

It was by complete accident that I even found out that he was coming to Cheyenne this year.  As I said it is my birthday and my Dad called this morning at like 7:15 to wish me a happy birthday. We got to talking about when he is coming out here and what he would like to do while he was here.  We are in close proximity to both Greeley Stampede and Cheyenne Frontier Days and I was looking up the dates for both events this year for him.  Low and behold, on the Cheyenne Frontier Days page is King George with that grin (you know the one) looking at my no showered, bathrobe wearing, squinty eyed because I don't have my contacts in self.  And better yet, tickets went on sale THIS MORNING at 9:00 a.m.  Don't have to tell me twice, I was all over that!

Come on July!!!