Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pretty quiet

Sorry I haven't posted lately but not much is going on.  My daughter and I got our flu shots yesterday and that has been about the extent of our excitement around here.  

I guess I have sort of started  a new project.  I have been trying lately to really pay attention to coupons and sales so that we can save money on our grocery bill.  We usually average about $150 a week on groceries for our little family of three.  To me it seemed like we should be able to do better than that.  I picked up a subscription to the Denver Post Sunday paper for the coupons and really started to study the sale ad for our local grocery store.  Also, I go online and look for downloadable coupons.  So far, since I have started this approximately two weeks ago I have saved over $90!  For me that is really good!  Usually I save like between five and ten dollars because I shop so randomly and without a plan.

One thing that is currently giving me knots in my stomach is Christmas shopping.  I was hoping to have it ALL done before Thanksgiving but there is no way that is going to happen.  I have my daughter pretty much finished, just need to pick up a few stocking stuffers, but really, what is easier than shopping for an almost three year old?  I have like one thing each for my mom and Dad, a couple of things for my husband and that is pretty much it.  I guess everyone else will be getting gift certificates.  sigh.  That isn't my favorite way to do things, but it seems to be the easiest.   Any help in this department would be appreciated. 

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Country Girl said...

I like this post! You admit that 'not much is going on' lately, and isn't that true for all of us.
My husband clips coupons and I just told him you saved $90 in two weeks and he was shocked. Good for you! That's pretty fricken great!!

This year will be easy for us. Everybody knows how poor we are with my husband not working, so, um, problem solved.

The only help I can give you is that children of that age don't want gift certificates. But you already know that. I wouldn't mind at all having a gift certificate and it gives me something to do over the holidays ~ to buy my own gift from you. Hope that helped.