Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in Review, Continued

Lets see if I can bust out a few more months on this year gone by.

March:  I don't remember anything in particular about March and I don't have many pictures from that month.  If I don't have any pictures, then not much happened.  I take at least a small camera everywhere.  So I guess we will just say that the snow melted and spring spring.

Some lovely crocuses from my front yard.

April:  By this time we are all getting a little spring feverish.  Outside we go.

We even made it to opening day of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  They even won!  I don't think I would attend opening day again though.  It was basically a drunk fest for the college kids and my daughter got to hear some very colorful language.  I guess that is a part of life but I still didn't enjoy it.  We have attended at other times of the season and had a very nice time.

My beautiful old dog getting some fresh air.

We also went to Phoenix for my husband's grandmother's 90th birthday.  I handed my daughter the camera while we were having dinner at P.F. Chang's to keep her entertained.  I have a lot of pictures that look like this.

She actually got some nice pictures of the other family members but since I have no idea if they want to be splashed all over this blog this is the only picture I feel comfortable posting.  I also managed to get in another state on my "I Want to Ride a Horse In All 50 States" quest.  Apparently we found some tequila while wandering around in the desert because that is the only way I can explain the position of that helmet.  Next time I will try and fit my own helmet in my suitcase.

Drifter and I in what is left of the desert in Scottsdale.
Phoenix was warm and beautiful as usual.

Unfortunately Pittsburgh experienced some wild weather while we were gone and we came home to this little mess on our roof.  We got it fixed quickly though and nothing else was damaged thankfully.

To be continued...


Rising Rainbow said...

Sometimes I get my helmet on a bit sideways and it has nothing to do with tequila. LOL

Happy New Year!

Mare said...

Happy new year! New to the blog...You live in Pittsburgh, huh? I live about an hour south of you enjoyed that Steeler game last night :)