Monday, December 13, 2010


Not much going here lately.  I don't think I have been able to get a ride in since the last time I posted.  We did a ten day trip over Thanksgiving that took up a lot more time than just the ten days we were gone, what with having to get everything ready to go, unpacking when we got back and then the Christmas shopping rush.  I'm still not done with shopping for everyone.  I am getting there though.

While we were in Colorado I got to visit my favorite tack shop, Brighton Feed and Saddlery.  I love love love this place!  I haven't found another place like it here in PA.  If you are in the north Denver area and have time you should really stop in.  Unless you ride English, then you might not find much of interest.

My birthday/Christmas present for this year is an easy entry cart!  I got the harness last year for Christmas so this year I needed the cart.  Now I can continue on with the driving that I had Rosie trained to do.

It is cold and snowy in the Pittsburgh area today and is supposed to remain that way for the upcoming week.  I don't see a whole lot of riding in my future.  Just running out to kiss Rosie on the nose will probably have to be good enough!


Banner said...

I LOVE Brighton Saddlery. Not only do they have lots of great stuff, they are also very knowledgeable. They helped me a ton when I was looking for a new saddle last year. Although we have a good saddlery in Sheridan (Kings), it's still no Brighton.

That's awesome that you got a cart. THe only cart I've every driven is a pony cart, pulled by a Shetland, and that was a long time ago. I always think they look fun. Apparently Rio LOVES pulling cows around so maybe he'd love pulling a cart. Now if only I knew how to train a horse to do that...

Once Upon an Equine said...

It's always fun to visit Brighton Saddlery. They have some amazing saddles. Cold here too, but we're not getting much snow.

Rising Rainbow said...

I love getting horse stuff for Christmas. I've never done any driving except the ground kind. I think I'd like to try it sometime.

I'll have to log Brighton Saddlery away in my memory banks in case I ever get to that location. I love checking out tack stores and such.

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

Brighton Saddlery is one amazing place. It is the only place I have ever seen a saddle with stingray seat.

Banner, you should try and train Rio to drive, it is so much fun. See if there is someone in your area who drives that might be able to give you some pointers. I have a pretty good book also that is called "The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving" by Robyn Cuffey and Jaye-Allison Winkel that might help some too.

My family used to complain when I was a kid that they felt like they were shopping for the horse and not me when they bought me horse stuff for Christmas. I was okay with it though!