Thursday, April 30, 2009

A few more details...

I just wanted to thank everyone that commented on yesterday's post.  Hopefully all the positive thinking will give me a dingy, in heat mare again in a few weeks.  

I know some of you are probably thinking, "geez, I think I would move if that happened to me" and don't think I haven't already thought about it.  A couple things stopping for now though are that, other than this incident, nothing like this has ever happened.  This barn takes great care of my horse.  She is in great weight, she is turned out with a group of horses that gets along and she has never had more than a few bite marks before.  I have also signed a year long contract that isn't up until next September or October.  Although I'm sure there would be a way to get out of it if she turned up bred!  I like the barn manager, I like the facilities and other than wishing it was a little closer to my house I haven't had anything to complain about.  One more little factoid: the stallions weren't there when I first brought Rosie up here.  They didn't show up until January or February of this year and Rosie has been there since late September.  I hoping this girl with these two studs will just move on to the next place.  I have met her once and she seems kind of like that type.  I meant to put all this stuff in yesterday's post but it was getting long winded and I was tired of typing.

One final note for the day, yesterday was Rosie's birthday!  She is now officially two.  Hope she isn't knocked up!  

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