Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wet weekend

This past weekend it rained pretty much all day Saturday after it had already rained all day Friday.  I was getting pretty stir crazy by Saturday as I hadn't left the house since Tuesday for various reasons.  I got out and did a little shopping on Saturday then went over to the barn to turn Rosie out in the outdoor arena for a little while.  When the weather is nasty they don't turn the stalled horses out into the big pasture because there is no shelter out there for them.  I knew since Rosie most likely hadn't been out since Thursday afternoon she would probably like to get out and stretch her legs a little.  She does have a small run off of her stall but that is nothing compared to the big pasture.  When I got to the barn it was still raining but nothing unbearable so I went ahead with my plan to turn her out for a few minutes.  On the way to the outdoor (which is a whole 15 feet) from the barn there was a good sized puddle and I found out that my little spotted pill didn't like the idea of getting her toes wet.  We managed to get through it without Rosie leaping on top of me.  Once in the arena Rosie acted like she wasn't quite sure what to do.  For one she doesn't get turned out in the outdoor arena and another she was all by herself.  She seemed to be worried about the fact that there wasn't anyone else around.  After about 10 minutes in the rain I decided to bring her back in as she wasn't doing anything more than looking for spare bits of hay anyways.  I expected to see a little more action out of a two year old that had been stalled for two days!  On the way back to the barn we again had to have a little conversation about the puddle.  Since I didn't have my water proof boots on I didn't push the issue too much but decided that if it was nice the next day that we would have a little meeting of the minds about this puddle issue.

Sunday dawned clear, finally!  After church I headed over to the barn to work on our water issue.  At first she thought she could just push me out of the way and not put her feet in the puddle but then felt the sting of the end of the lead rope on her behind.  I don't like pushy horses.  They are big enough as it is and I am rather petite so I don't like it when they get pushy.  I had worn my water proof boots so after I stepped into the water and proved to her that the Thing from the Black Lagoon wasn't going to jump up and kill her she decided that maybe it wasn't so bad after all to stand in the puddle.  We walked through so many puddles, I'm sure the other people at the barn thought that I was nuts.  Then into the partly flooded roundpen we went!  Yay, more water!  At this point she did fine.  She tried a couple of squirrely maneuvers but nothing that couldn't be handled and pretty soon, into the water she went.  She really didn't give me all that much trouble and then we worked on some other stuff and called it a day.  It was a good day, all in all! 

All the water outside of the roundpen is not usually there.  There is a small pond over towards the left that normally you can't even see from the roundpen but with all the rain it flooded the horse pens and started to sneak into the roundpen.  If the rain hadn't stopped I don't know how far it would have gone!


Pony Girl said...

Wow, that is a lot of water! Nothing like being turned out in it to help her get over those water monsters, hee! ;) I know what you mean about pushy horses. I'm petite, too. Sometimes I scold myself for letting my horse get away with things he shouldn't, because even though they are "small" they can become bigger bad habits!

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

I have a hard time scolding them too but last weekend she was really pushy so I had to put my foot down!