Monday, January 26, 2009

Is there an AA for procrastinators?

If there is, I need to start attending immediately! Or maybe I will just catch the next meeting, because it is really cold and snowy out there and I hadn't planned on going anywhere today.... Is this sounding familiar to anyone out there?

A prime example of my procrastination. Today, I intended on making one last batch of peanut butter cookies with some dough I had in the fridge. I pulled it out and thought, gee, when did I make this? I realized it has been in the refrigerator for a week today. I smelled it. It smells kind of sour. I don't think this is how peanut butter cookie dough is supposed to smell. In the trash it goes.

Another example. I made an Irish Chain lap quilt for my daughter for her first birthday. Correction, I finished the top part of the quilt and gave it to her fully intending on getting it put together and quilted in the near future. She turned THREE last week and where do you think that quilt is? It is in a box waiting to be sent off to be finished.

My first memory of my procrastination causing an issue was when I was in the fourth grade. We had been assigned to make a model of the human digestive system. We were given plenty of time to complete this assignment. When do you think I started mine? Ding, ding, ding! The night before! You are correct! I remember my mother searching our house for bits and pieces of yarn or foam of any sort that could be assembled into a reasonable looking model of the human gut while I sat tearily hating Mr. Cooper for assigning us this stupid project.

Right now I am using this blog post to procrastinate on folding laundry. When does it end?


Aubrey said...

You made me laugh; I've got a batch of cookie dough in the refrigerator right now that I mixed up as the kids were finishing supper. I thought, "I'll let this thicken up a little while I BLOG." Maybe I'll roll it out tomorrow.

Yes, my brother is Navy; he's on the USS Abraham Lincoln which is out of Everett, WA. They're in San Diego temporarily and then will be out to sea. I'm proud of him because he joined the nuclear program. I get to go take a ride on his ship in April! :)

Cheers to a fellow Navy Sister!

Flying Lily said...

This is too good and too true. I have a cross-stitch baby bib: cute kitties chasing each other across a field of flowers. It is half done. The young lad who was supposed to enjoy it is now 24 years old.