Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not much happening...

around here but wow, I really need to do an update!  I started this just to kind of chronicle daily life, not that mine is that exciting but very few things ever seem remarkable while you are just going about your business.  It isn't until you look back and say "wow, that was a really neat time, I wish I had written more stuff down."

I haven't had much time lately to work with my filly.  It has either been to cold/windy (it is after all winter here on the front range of Colorado) or I haven't been able to get anyone to watch my daughter.  My husband works full time so that leaves large sections of time where it is just me and the kid hanging out together.  Which is fine, that is what a stay at home mom does, but when we have a nice day I ache to get some time in with my horse.  Oh well, life goes on.  I did get to spend some time with her on Sunday though.  I tried to groom her well and get some of the dirt off but I think that the yellowing on her haunches will stay till spring.  It is just too cold to give her a bath and I don't blanket her so she will just stay stained.  I always told myself after my last horse who was a sorrel and white tobiano Paint, that my next horse was going to be a s*#t brown horse so I didn't have to deal with manure stains anymore.  Well, what did I end up with?  An Appy.  One who roans out more each spring.  One who will probably be more white the brown as she ages.  Oh well, maybe the next horse will be a lovely s*&t brown.  Given my penchant for colored horses it probably won't happen.

My mom is coming for a visit this week.  She lives in Tennessee and hasn't seen my daughter since she was 18 months old.  Considering that my daughter will be three next week, it has been awhile.  I'm not sure what we are going to do while she is here.  We have tickets to a rodeo at Stock Show so that will take up one day.  Maybe a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion or the Denver Zoo would be nice if the weather holds up.  Or maybe the aquarium if it doesn't.  

I have to post another picture of my Appy beast.  She is just too darn cute not too!  This one I snapped on Sunday after I had brushed her.  I meant to bring my Show Sheen with me to do her mane and tail but forgot it.  I put it in my basement because it had frozen out in the garage where I keep all my horse stuff.  I did happen to bring my thrush treatment though which was good since she appears to be a little thrushy in her front feet.  Which is what that green stain is on the wall of the barn down by the floor.  I had set it on the tack trunk while I was holding her foot up waiting for it to seep in.  She had started to nudge my back with her nose and it was making me nervous as she used to bite when she was a baby and you were doing something she didn't like so I started pushing her nose back with my elbow.  Well, she must have decided to go after to bottle of thrush stuff instead.  She hit it with her nose, got green stuff on her face, sent the bottle flying into the wall and got green stuff all over the wall.  When I realized what she had done I sort of had mini stroke because I thought "geez, here I am under her feet and she is sending stuff flying everywhere.  At least she had the good sense not to spook at it after she knocked it over."  Count your blessings, where you can get them I guess!


Pony Girl said...

I love your horse's color! My appy gets the poo stains, too. He gets whiter every spring, too! I have pictures of him as a youngster and he was so copper, with just the sorrel blanket. I loved it! But the roaning is kind of fun, too. I wonder when he's 25 if he'll be mostly white? Weird! Appy's are fun that way!
Hope you get out to work with your horsey soon!

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

Thanks! I think she will continue to roan as she ages. Shoot she is only two this year and she has changed a bunch since she was born. She was the brightest red as a foal and with each coat change she has become darker brown and roanier. Appy's certainly keep life interesting!