Saturday, February 7, 2009

ABC is not my favorite network right now.

My husband and I really loved this show on ABC called Dirty Sexy Money. It was about a lawyer working for a rich, socialite family in New York. Not something I would normally watch but it had Peter Krause in it and we really liked him in Six Feet Under so we decided to give this show a try when ABC premiered it. We were hooked from the first episode. Now, we find out that they have cancelled it! They always do this to our favorite shows. Anything that has even remotely clever writing seems to disappear and be replaced with yet another reality show. I am so sick of reality shows, I think most of them are so dumb. Well, I guess I just got another hour to do something besides watch t.v. on Wednesdays. Sucks to be the advertisers on ABC if you were trying to target me, because I'm not watching.

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