Thursday, February 5, 2009

I hate cats....

At least for today anyways.  

This is a picture of myself with my current furball.  Wow, it's not the best picture of me but that's okay.  Current Furrballs' name is Kitty.  Real original, I know.  I got him from the Humane Society in Fort Collins eight years ago and he came with the name Bacura.  That just didn't roll off my tongue and he answered to Kitty so it just sort of stuck.  I just want to know, why is it that this cat cannot throw up on the linoleum?  He will throw up usually somewhere in between five feet to five inches of the linoleum but never actually on it!  I am so tired of scraping it off the carpet.  

A little background.  We bought the house we are in now brand new back in August.  We aren't even in this place a week and he has blown chunks on the carpet.  WHY????  Another problem is that my husband really does not like this cat.  It could have something to do with the cat using his stereo speakers for his own personal nail sharpener.  

As you can probably tell from the picture, this cat is a long haired cat.  I feed him special hairball food so that he can pass the hairballs through more efficiently.  I should brush him but I don't.  He doesn't really like it and will bite with very little warning. I have had him shaved a couple of times and that really seems to help with the throwing up.  However, I had him shaved back in October and his fur isn't all the way grown in yet so I don't think it is time for another shave just yet.  

*sigh* Sorry for the ranting just needed to vent as I walked up stairs after lunch and found a nice pile of puke on the carpet.  Not exactly what I wanted to see just after eating.

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~*~Lysh~*~ said...

Cat puke SUCKS.....but just be thankful it's not either on your bed or on the back of your chair where you rest your head.....Spaz has done BOTH :( She's lucky I love her bitchy, pukey ass.