Friday, February 13, 2009

Potty training

Any one got any advice for potty training a girl because I am seriously at my wits end.  She just isn't getting it.  We have talked about it, read books about it, had our most private moments viewed by little eyes and nada.  We've also tried bribing, to no avail.  I know she will eventually be potty trained but for the love of Pete she just turned three!  According to family lore I was trained by 18 months.  I was also being taken care of by my grandmother while my mother worked and she already had four kids under her potty training belt.  Why isn't she picking up on this?  I have tried everything I can think of and I am seriously scared for the future of our carpet and upholstered furniture. 


Flying Lily said...

We had good luck with just time on the potty seat. After breakfast, sit there for a good long time - if something happens, raise the roof with congratulations. Later in the morning, sit there again. Our boys had special books they could only read on the potty chair. Run the water now & then to encourage. It will happen!! Good luck and don't worry everyone gets it eventually.

Horseypants said...

My first also did not want to use the potty, but only for #2! We finally went with the "potty party" idea, plus I "ran out of diapers," and that worked for us. This is something I saw on Oprah, believe it or not. The idea is to give the incentive of a party to your child. Every one is different, don't be afraid to do whatever your gut tells you will probably be worth a try. In our case I know I forced the issue in the end by adding on the "running out of diapers." But it had gotten to the point where I knew she just preferred pooping in a diaper. My kid held it for...are you ready for this...SIX DAYS. Was I wondering if I took the wrong road? Yep. But she finally did it in the potty, we had a HUGE party, and it was a done deal. Good Luck!! You'll figure it out.